Monday, May 18, 2009


Housing is here! Now in this awesome game you can buy your own house! Instead living in those boring dorms go buy your self a house! If own a really boring house Isuggest you go to the mooshu and marely bone house stores. Marely Bone cause I personally like Marely Bone furniture. But The reason I like mooshu it has great stuff for the out doors like huge green trees or rocks plus many more!I also think they have the best houses. I'll get a pick of the houses as soon as I can!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm so sorry i havent posted in so long. By the way here is another blog you might like. Its called defenders of the by Isaiah spell dust. oh by the way if you see this isaiah we should totally meet in the game ome time and i see you've posted on my friend valerian's blog tell me what you think about that in a comment ok? Anyway this is my pet orthrus named sir shadow allot of people think most of the myth move are cheating like earthquake,or orthrus, and how they get to chain stun.But if they didnt have these moves how would myth students ever win arena battles if you are a defender of myth like me post your comment on my blog. And if anyone of you guys own a blog like isaiah I'd love to check them out! And remember if you really like my blog please ask friends to visit my blog to. Thanks! ( Note to all viewers: please answer all the quetions above in a comment.