Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is my home.My home is the cottage in dragonspyre. My house isn't the best house to me. The house I recommend is the best is the second krocktropia house it has a ton of land and a big house. Sooooo here are more pics of my house.Now i have big news BIG NEWS I have codes for you guys FREE CODES! The first one is LAND it will give you a stained end table for your home. Then you can get an awesome death scarab with the code SPECIAL PET. Then the code SUMMER DRAGON it will give you a big red dragon! By the way you can only have one pet per account. The pet I recommend is the death scarab.Now i have one last code that code is FROG the code FROG automatically gives you wizard 500 GOLD! Oh and they are now putting plays in wizard 101! I am hoping to get videos of them soon!