Sunday, November 15, 2009

i finnaly remmembered whoo gives the best balance deck i think it's zora steel wielder she is in the labyrinth in dragon spyre
Happy farming :)
ok my new blog is ready sry the link doesn't work but plz go to

Wizard 101

There you can commet about ideas for wizard 101 and i might publish them!
I have now opend my new blog but it still needs some fixing.http://wizard 101

here are some of my favorite blogs

valerians shool for wayward wizards
the frendly nercomancer
and the wizard101 graveyard

i am posting about the arena today.the arena has become chaos the fighting if some one lost the reporting the chain bolting its horrible please chalange people to stop nchain bolting and see if they win if they do they will know they dont need it please do this if you dont many people will quit the game so i think either the creators should make rules for the arena and if you didnt follow them you would be banned for a while or they should just make something else to do.


the mounts are in. the mounts include lions witches and wardrobes. just kidding mounts include dragons lions brooms and horses.
um. oh yeah you can rent any one of them for a day witch costs 3000 crowns [ i would not recommend this] and a seven day mount is 5000 and then you can buy permanent mounts for any where 5000 crowns and above. the most a permanent mount will cost is 15000 crowns.

mounts also let you go 40 percent faster.

last post i told you about my noob right? he is still level 37 and still a captain but if any one wants to meet him he will be in the arena in realm Ambrose but that will only be tomorrow.

the new tower in colosus bulavard is like impossible i have not been able to beat it yet :(

the fifth level boss is as high as i have gotten to he will just summon a minion or two and once his minions get three pips bam they meteor you may think oh meteor that wont do anything but it will hit 10000 not your average 390.

i have long fogoten the roses and cats and also the bettles :( so please help me remember them

i know i change the subject alott but thats just me. i am still trying to establish a new blog called wizard 101 mythology it will be a blog where everyone can share ideas for wizard 101 and maybe the creators may use those ideas.

HELP SAVE WIZARD CITY! wizard 101 is by far my most favorite video game of all time. for all of you that know Cody i also have a noob Duncan. Duncan is lvl 37 and is in dragonspyre he also is a captain in the arena.

speaking of the arena. want to know the secret to losing? getting chain bolted. so many people chain bolt the arena it's pretty much not worth it anymore. almost every time me and Valerian night bringer duel together we get chain bolted to death. I think that wild bolt should only be allowed for storm school.

after you have beaten the worlds there is nothing to do but the arena. the arena also earns respect in the game. but no one like chain bolters. even if they are overlords. so what I'm saying is there is almost no point in doing the arena so then that means... that there's almost no point in playing the game if you are done the worlds and get chain bolted every time you go in the arena. wizard 101 masters [aka the creators] please make some rules for the arena and also make some new worlds please.

I'm trying to create a new blog where everyone can share ideas that they have for wizard 101 and if it becomes popular enough the wizard 101 masters may use ideas from it I'll post about it when its done