Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The new amulets are now out that allow you to us power pips for another school! You can now but them for 9950 in the crowns shop. Eggbert all so has a new item for sale! The bunny rabbit costume. (It's creepy, i love the ninja pig costume but that thing is just, just, weird.) You can also now buy mini game kiosks for your house for only 2000! Plus you can buy a big pack that comes with all eight in one kiosk for around the same amount as the new amulets. sadly no new details on wintertusk, but there will be more coming in may's producer's letter! P.S.: I can't wait to start dueling with these things. I'm gonna try myth and death. What are you gonna try?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I know guys. epic fail on my part but this time I mean it! Around a week ago the test realm opened! The test realm has showed new amulets that let you use power pips for your secondary school! They're a bit pricey, but worth it if you ask me! Big news!: In aprils' producer letter profffesor flamea describes new powerful questing pets, but you will have to overcome some challenges to recieve them. Proffesor F. also talks some about winter tusk and the new spells. She also says you may be able to upgrade previous spells and get something new out of them! P.S. Acording to the letter, Storm will be able to do tons of damage but at a price. and balance will be getting a super heal over time. Mountopalooza!: Right now wizard has brought back some old mounts and made some new ones! all of the mounts are around HALF OFF! Also, a new feature will be added to let you MOUNTS roam your house! Gardening tip: You can visit the moles in each world to get new gardening items and pots!