Monday, March 30, 2009

Where To Get The Best Decks

Ok if you read my last entry and have made a guy. Now I'll tell you something pretty few people know. You have to be level forty five but it will still come in handy.

If you want to know where you get the best decks in the game then it's your lucky day i know who and where you get these awesome decks from.

First the myth deck. There is a boss at the starting of the labyrinth (witch is a place in the last world.) anyway the boss you get it from is named the Silver Seinteil if you get lucky you could get your hands on the best myth deck in the game.

You get the best ice deck from Andor BristleBack he's in the same place and like i said if you get lucky you could get the best ice deck in the game.

Same with the best life deck it's from a guy named the gallium paladin he's also in the labyrinth good luck getting the life deck!

Now about the death deck you will get that deck from a guy named Ivan SoulSinger you will find him in the drake hatchery (Also a place in the last world.) you have to go to a building at the very end of the hatchery good luck.

O yeah i almost forgot about the balance and fire decks you i think you get the best fire deck from a person named Boris BlackRock.

But as for the balance deck i still don't know who you get it from so I'll post it when i find out.

Wizard101 rocks!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cody Sky Rider's wizard 101 secrets

Hi my name is Xander but my avatar on wizard101 is Cody Sky Rider and here is some secrets i know in wizard101. First you might want to know what wizard101 is like.I really like wizard101 at first when you are only half way trough the first world it seems like it should end right? But wrong! Wizard101 has many worlds but I'm not telling anything about them. You will have to play the game to find out.It's pretty awesome game my guy is level forty eight i'm pretty high and i'm in the last world. There are a lot of special items you can get if you beat bosses more then once. trust me this game is really fun.I hope you like it.Now i'll tell you where and what some hidden bosses give. but first you'd probably need to make a guy(if you don't have one.)