Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soooo if you guys can get me more people to come to my blog. . . i will show you all of the roses and answer a couple questions. Plus i'll tell you where hidden card shops are! So plz try and get more people to visit here I'll give you guys further information so TY!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I finally got a little snap shot of my guy summoning a frost giant!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New high damage hits

Yesterday some of my friends helped me get malistares unhallowed tunic ( Witch I got four times but accidentally sold them all . ) Oh and uh here's a tip when you are trying too get to malistare you will have too fight two helephants gurtok piercer and gurtok fire bender they give out the best rings and athames for the schools. There is also at the very starting of thee great spyre some bad guys named vengeful fire heart or something like that ans magma fury. I have a secret I'm willing to share but you have too come back too my blog soon and you might just find out. Oh man I cant believe I almost forgot what i named this post. The reason is when we were fighting malistare my earthquake witch only does three hundred I used not one tough but it still hit drum roll please . . . It hit two thousand seven hundred forty six! And that ladies and gentle men is why I named this post New High Damage Hits.

New Moves

Ice Wizards Are Back! A couple days ago the new moves came out for myth, orthrus the two headed dog ( Not ceberus the three headed dog both bread by typhon. ) for storm Storm Lord it does six hundred ninety damage and stuns all enemys. For fire Fire Dragon it hit s for hundred damage but also puts a fire elf on your enemy. for balance super nova it hits for hundred damage and puts a twenty five minus your opponents next spell! for death they get an awesome move known as scarecrow this move hits for hundred too every opponent and heals its user half! For life it get rebirth it gives six hundred fifty health and gives you spirit armor. Last but not the least Frost Giant for ice it does four hundred seventy damage and stuns all enemys with this spell and all the health of ice wizards they are proven nearly impossible too beat.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

  • Hi sorry for the blurry picture. Anyway see this tree? If you dont you might be blind so you should check with you're eye doctor if you cant see the tree in this photo. Oh well but if you can see this tree and are wondering what it is it's the world tree where the spiral door lays you can travel too many worlds from this tree right here in wizard city. ( The short for wizard city is wc so when i say wc it means wizard city the short for krocktropia is kt so you know what that will mean and the same with marley bone it's short is mb mushus short is ms and last but not least is dragon spyre it's short is ds.) So in the last two worlds ( MS and DS. ) they have some good gear you can get from bosses there you can get wand's staff's pet's and some really good boots,hats, and robes. But today i talking swords ( These swords I'm going too be listing in a few seconds are not athame's they are wands that look like sword and you only get them from bosses in the last two worlds ( MS and DS. ) so try not too get those two mixed up .) So the first swords i'm going too list are in MS the first sword is from War Oni , a demon in the crimson fields ( The Crimson Fields is the first instance you do in MS. ) War Oni gives a orange kantana, the kantana is fire type, gives one power pip, ( you will learn about a power pip once you reach at least level ten. )and the kantana also does ninety damage. The second sword you get is from Plague Oni a demon in the sharataki temple it's a blue colored kantana it gives a power pip too and it does ice damage same as War oni's kantana it does ninety damage. Then there's Death Oni same with everything except the kantana he gives is myth and looks purple. Last but not least of the second world is Jade Oni he gives a storm kantana i'm sorry but i forgot what it looked like. Oh man i almost forgot about the last sword! ( From the second world MS. ) you get it from otomi the difieler or something like that. He gives green sword it's like all the swords I've told you about but it has a life attack. I'll post the rest of this later.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

high damage hits

Hey sorry its been so long since I've posted but this topic is high damage hits better be ready because this can get pretty huge. The highest damage hit I've heard of is my own. It was amazing it hit one million three thousand three hundred and seventy six the move i used too hit that much was minotaur and this is how.If you go too the wizard city library you can get cards but they are better than original form. Plus there are domes that give twenty five% more damage (Domes do not come as treasure cards from Wizard library.) So if you put up some fients teasure card version blades and pluses and a dome your move would be seriously boosted. Plus if you're lucky sometimes you're move will take up more than one blade even more than one plus. Oh you think that's allot of damage but there's one more thing you can do you will get converts witch switch ice too fire myth too storm death too life so lets say you're using a life move if you are ( Or any other move. ) it will take up life and death pluses now that's allot of damage. Well i kindda lied about that being the last thing you can do if you verse the opposite type of boss 'you're move is that another two hundred or so plus now that's probably up too almost as much as I hit good luck with your high damage hit! Oh wait! Sorry i alomst forgot about toughs strongs and monstrouses toughs add seventy% too you're attack strong adds one hundred% too you're move. Monsterous gives an additional one hundred seventy five% more damage too you're move now its power is probably up to one million.