Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's a good day for suprises ... I'm coming back! yea i'm coming back! with these new peices.

1 house item of the day. and the house item of the day is! The head of krocktohep. witch is rare drop and a perfect add to any house.

2 pet of the day. The pet of the day is the CELESTIA CRAB! this crab may only be available to KI support members. but it's so awesome i couldnt resist posting it.

3 idea of the day. Pet hatchery hatching costs less.

4 spell of the day. UNBALANCE this spell is the first dispell for balance.

So there you go i'm posting again so feel free to stop by!

Cody skyrider level50
Cody Shadowstaff level 37
Duncan Starblade level 39.

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